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Dear Antanas,

Thanks for your prompt help - much appreciated!
Best wishes,


On 18 Jul, 2017, at 18:30, Antanas Vaitkus <antanas.vaitkus90 at gmail.com>

Dear David Palmer,

thank you for notifying us of this issue. I have updated the symmetry
information in entries 2101175-2101185
(entry 2101175 had the same problem as well). The issue seems to have
originated upstream in the
supplementary material of the original publication. Most likely the files
were ingested into the database in
the early days of the COD before the rigorous automated checks were
implemented. Currently, all newly
added structures are required to have the symmetry operation loop.

There might still be some files that are missing the symmetry operation
information, but these will be located and
tended to once enough resources can be allocated towards this task.

Please let us know if you spot any more inconsistencies in the COD.

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