[Cod-bugs] No bug at all; just a question about COD format for Bruker (or others...)

Jean-Marc Le Meins Jean-Marc.Le-Meins at uha.fr
Thu Nov 30 13:15:29 EET 2017


My question should have already be asked, I am sorry for that but I 
failed in searching on the COD web site...

COD can now be easily used like ICDD PDF database inside the last 
version of the search-match tools of each provider (like PANalytical, 
Rigaku or Bruker).
This way is probably the easiest one to use COD daily, especially for 
our PhD students.

Unfortunately, it is important to recognize that the reactivity of each 
of them is not their strong point when it is time to "update" the COD.

We need to wait for their goodwill to have an updated version of the 

Get an update version of the COD is possible, you clearly explain how to 
do. But each manufacturer add its "special touch" ie: make (I suppose) 
its own compilation in order that the COD could be readable via 
I suppose this procedure is the same that when you have to update ICDD 
database: you have to use the provider search-match software to 
"compile" your new DVD with ICDD PDF4+ Database (kind of "raw" data with 
their own ICDD format) into the right format to be usable inside your 
search-match soft.

My question is therefore: would it be possible to compile ourselves the 
database COD to finally have a base "up to date" without being dependent 
on the choices of the manufacturer ? My question involve that the COD 
"raw" format should be the same that the ICDD "raw" one to be readable 
by the soft compiler.

Thank you very much for all your kind attention.

Best regards (and so sorry for the bad English...)

JM Le Meins


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