[Cod-bugs] Errors with files 6000694 and 6000695

Luis Ortega San Martin lortegas at pucp.edu.pe
Tue Dec 5 04:27:31 EET 2017

Dear Sir/madam,

I am a regular user of COD database and I have just found two cif files 
with errors: 6000694 <http://www.crystallography.net/cod/6000694.html> 
and 6000695 do not contain any atoms inside.

I hope you can correct this.

Best regards and congratulations for this great page.


Dr. Luis Ortega San Martin
Dpto. Ciencias, Sección Quimica
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Peru
Av. Universitaria, 1801. San Miguel
Lima 32. Peru
Tlf: +511 626 2000 ext.4227
alternative e-mail: luis.ortegasm at gmail.com

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