[Cod-bugs] {Disarmed} Invitation from Marcin Wojdyr

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Tue May 5 17:39:15 EEST 2020

Marcin Wojdyr told us you're *just* the right kind of expert the Materials Modeling Stack Exchange Q&A site needs.
Marcin Wojdyr also said: Hi, a few days ago a Materials Modelling site started to run as a sister site of StackOverflow. (For the first 2 weeks it's not visible publicly, as it may be terminated if the number of participant is low). Someone just asked there "How can I create a .CIF file from x-ray diffraction data in a paper" for a structure absent in CCDC. I thought it'd be a good opportunity to provide instruction and write about COD - for someone who know more than me about it. This new <a href="https://materials.stackexchange.com">Stack Exchange Q&A site</a> is currently in private beta, but since you've been recommended by a peer, we're giving you super secret access to get in early and help shape the community.
[GRANT ME ACCESS](https://materials.stackexchange.com/grant-beta-access?key=477168b9a20605271bf8f698b9e97d05a53b43fa588560bbce7d979e9e7603ac)

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