[Cod-bugs] meaning of 'At' and 'Ow" in zeolite structure

Fabio Ramos Dias de Andrade dias at usp.br
Tue Aug 10 01:17:52 EEST 2021

Dear colleagues,

I kinldy ask for your help!
I have a question regarding chemical composition of zeolites in CIF files.

what is the meaning of 'At', in a formula such as

Reference code: 96-900-6365
Mineral name: Laumontite
Compound name: Laumontite
Common name: Laumontite
Chemical formula: Si16.00Al8.00O48.00Ca4.00*At23.08*H37.60

thank you for your support!

with best regards,

Fábio Ramos Dias de Andrade
University of São Paulo, Brazil

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