[Cod-bugs] Question about permissions

Saulius Gražulis grazulis at ibt.lt
Thu Sep 9 14:53:38 EEST 2021

Dear Nikolay,

thank you for your e-mail and for considering deposition of your data to
the COD. Your contribution would be totally great!

On 2021-09-09 14:03, Сомов Николай wrote:
> I really liked your idea of an open database of structural
> information. I have several hundred published structures that I could
> deposit to your database too. However, all of these structures have
> been deposited with the CCDC. Would it be legal to give you such
> structural information?

In our view (which has not been challenged up to now, neither on legal
nor on ethical grounds), if you have your *original* files which you
have produced yourself, it is *totally* legal to deposit them into any
and all databases, including the COD. This is because data itself are
not copyrightable; CCDC can only claim their work, the "sweat of the
brow", for the database that they have created, but not of the data that
you have contributed.

The actions that would be most probably illegal are downloading
structure files from the CSD (especially someone else's structures) and
depositing them to the COD without permission of the CCDC.

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have more questions, or if we can
assist you in any way with depositing your data to the COD.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Saulius Gražulis
Vilnius University, Life Science Center, Institute of Biotechnology
Saulėtekio al. 7, LT-10257 Vilnius, Lietuva (Lithuania)
phone (office): (+370-5)-2234353, mobile: (+370-684)-49802, (+370-614)-36366

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