[Cod-bugs] COD updates

Saulius Gražulis grazulis at ibt.lt
Thu Jan 10 12:54:30 EET 2019

On 2019-01-10 12:39, Robert McMeeking - UKRI STFC wrote:
> I have a query about the current COD update situation. This reason I
> ask is that we do not appear to have received any new entries in the
> MySQL file since 26^th January. I would like to check whether there
> any problems with the SVN update procedure at our end.
> Also I am looking for a new structure determination by Armel Le Bail
> which has recently appeared in Acta Cryst. C.
Hi, Bob

I have noticed that the automatic harvester has stalled, but so far had
not time to look into it; I'll plan to do this beginning next week
(maybe earlier, time permitting).

Regarding the latest structure from Armel, if you could send me a full
bibliography and/or DOI, or PMID, we then could deposit it through the
Web interface.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Saulius Gražulis
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