[Cod-bugs] problems with creating of account

matmihalik at saske.sk matmihalik at saske.sk
Wed Apr 21 10:27:07 EEST 2021

Dear COD maintanance

I wanted to create an account and to upload some data. I went through  
the create account
page. Then I wanted to log in. I got "incorrect login/password"  
answer. Well, this was not possible, since I have done copy/paste from  
the password manager. Nevertheless, I went through "forgot password"  
option. The page stated: "no username/e-mail match". So I went again  
through create account page. Here I got message that my e-mail and  
username is already registered and I should use it!! How was this  
possible, since few seconds ago I got "no username/e-mail match"? But  
OK, I have tried to create an account with different username/e-mail.  
And... the behavior of the web interface was again the same.

What is going on? How can I create an account/log in/deposit the data?

Best regards
Matus Mihalik

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